Permaculture Design Certification Course in SF

An affordable high quality Permaculture Design Certification Course in your local community for your local community.

July 17-28, 2017 in San Francisco Bay Area

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11703275_874926029253561_8293723768770578806_oPermaculture Design Certification Course in SF

Bill Mollison founded Tagari Publications in 1979. The development of Sustainable Design Principles began at Tagari Publications and together with the establishment of The Permaculture Institute was the catalyst for the birth of the Permaculture Ethics which have since spread worldwide.

Does permaculture apply to those of us who live in cities?

Mollison: Yes, there is a whole section in the manual about urban permaculture. When I first went to New York, I helped start a little herb-farm in the South Bronx. The land was very cheap there because there was no power, no water, no police, and there were tons of drugs. This little farm grew to supply eight percent of New York’s herbs. There are now 1,100 city farms in New York.

Short of starting a farm, what can we do to make our cities more sustainable?

Mollison: Catch the water off your roof. Grow your own food. Make your own energy. It’s insanely easy to do all that. It takes you less time to grow your food than to walk down to the supermarket to buy it. Ask any good organic gardener who mulches how much time he spends on his garden and he’ll say, “Oh, a few minutes every week.” By the time you have taken your car and driven to the supermarket, taken your foraging-trolley and collected your wild greens, and driven back home again, you’ve spent a good hour or two — plus you’ve spent a lot of money.

From Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution — An Interview with Bill Mollison By Scott London

Permaculture Design Certification Course

Date: July 17 – July 28, 2017
Event Category: Courses
Cost: $0-$600, sliding scale
Instructors: Jay Rosenberg
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Hayes Valley Art Works
456 Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA 94102  (Map)
* and other locations around the SF Bay Area.

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Your payment is a tax-deductible donation to our host, Hayes Valley Art Works, a fiscally sponsored project of Haight Street Art Center. You can find out more about this venue at Donations are processed using PayPal, but you can simply use your credit card or bank account. Please contact us if you have any questions about making a donation to support our project..


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