This curriculum-based, community focused Urban Permaculture Design Apprenticeship, facilitated by Jay Rosenberg, is aimed at fast-tracking the development of urban permaculture-based knowledge in a wide range of specific subjects.

This is an ideal way to get started on a career as an urban permaculture designer and/or participate in urban permaculture projects worldwide.

The 2-year Design Apprenticeship is best suited for self-motivated people who already possess some life experience. As an apprentice you will be exposed to a great many opportunities to learn. Making the most of these opportunities is critical to your learning success. Showing up early and getting involved, rather than being just passive listeners, will help ensure you come away with the confidence to subsequently design and implement your own permaculture solutions. It represents a wonderful opportunity for students who are prepared to accept the challenge.

Classes are held every other Friday and/or Sunday for the first year of the Program. Along with over 100 hours in the classroom, students will participate in over 100 hours of hands-on projects and activities that are designed to enhance the learning experience and tailored for the interest, ability and schedule of the individual.

We are currently welcoming applicants for this year’s program.

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Jay & Judy with San Francisco Wild in the City map from Planet Drum Foundation. Elese Moran, February 2016.